There’s an Asians@ group at my company for all Asian identifying employees to join. We have fun (virtual) cooking classes, share Asian-related news, and talk about our favorite parts of being Asian. Today, that Slack channel was quiet, save for a few heartbreaking messages about the terrorist attack by a white supremacist against Asian women in Atlanta.

When I was first invited to the group, to be honest my initial thought was “do we really need a separate channel and group for this?”. I’m very loud and proud about my Indian background and love meeting other people with similar life…

I’ve made the tough decision to shut down my first start-up, The Buttermilk Company. Lots of factors went into this decision, but here’s a few with some advice strewn in:

🤯 Mental Health

Running a company is incredibly difficult, as anyone knows. Running it alone is even tougher. Throw in a few personal life changes, city moves, and getting married and you have a very burnt out founder. I heeded all the warnings about being a solo founder and had in fact started a search for a co-founder when we were accepted into Y Combinator’s summer batch. Not wanting to miss the opportunity…

After a conversation with my mom about a particular hard time I was going through — deciding if I should shut down my start-up — I called my husband to vent. “I feel like a failure,” I said. And it’s true. After 2 years of working on my company, which isn’t a very long time in start-up standards, I was thinking about shutting it down. The decision was spurred by a combination of things, one of the important ones being my mental health.

Those 2 years are/were the worst of my life, although so many “great” things were happening to…

I read once that when lobsters are placed in a pot of boiling water, gender plays a huge role. The male lobsters build a bridge to get each other out, whereas the female lobsters push each other down and end up all dying. Sadly, the metaphor doesn’t seem too far-fetched for us.

I’ve been a “woman in tech” for nearly 10 years. I always wore it as a badge of honor because it differentiated me from the majority of my peers and connected me to the other women around me.

It may have started innocently enough, but the signs of…

This is my first time at Grace Hopper, the largest gathering of women in technology aimed at celebrating our contributions to the field and brainstorming how far we have to go. I came in suspicious at best — would hanging out with a ton of female engineers for a week really help me that much?

Some background first — I’m a software engineer at Amazon, a role I’ve held for a year since I graduated from college. I received a B.S. in CS from Carnegie Mellon University, and this fact usually triggers surprise in people’s faces when they hear that…

Many universities that are well-known for their academics, sports, and accomplished students are also known for something else — their ridiculous stress culture. And it makes sense. How else do you expect 18-21 year olds to be successful in their classes, extracurriculars, social life, and work experience without piling on much more than they can handle?

My school, Carnegie Mellon University, has been trying to tackle this exact problem after a few student suicides over the past couple of years. The good news is that they have recognized that this a real problem that needs to be fixed. However, they…

From the eyes of an Indian American young adult

India has a problem, and it doesn’t reside in the country. It’s in the culture. A culture that’s rooted in traditionalism that is centuries old, yet carries so much subordination and tyranny against humans that isn’t meant to be there. This culture doesn’t stop in India — it spreads all over the world. In every Indian household, you will see a similar culture unless the family is somehow “modernized”, which makes them not a true Indian family anymore.

Women and men are meant to be separate but not equal.

At first, I thought this problem was only in India. I…

Coming to terms with leaving college

As we’re heading into the final semester of college, I’m slowly realizing that it really is coming to an end. If you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself getting emotional about the silliest of things. When a freshman asks you for help on something you struggled with not long ago, when you walk by the building where you had your first class, when you mindlessly look through pictures from the past three years. Every time my emotions get the best of me, I jump into planning for the time I have left: plans to rekindle old friendships, plans to work…

Help me be a hitseeker (hits-seeker) !

For one of my Computer Science classes, we are learning about how to improve our page ranks. A couple of my classmates have already gotten on the bandwagon — check out Stephanie’s post or Todd’s post. I’m hoping to join the gang :)

There are a lot more webpages leading to this query that you can see below. Please help me break the top 10 on Google!

How to deal when life sucks

We all know that saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. It’s telling us to make the most of our sadness, and when things go wrong we should find the silver lining and believe in a brighter future. I find it hard to do that when I feel a constant sense of rejection. Whether it’s in my personal life, in school, in my career, or anything else. It flat out sucks to be rejected. So, how should we deal? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

What to do:

  1. Realize what your rejections are, what part of your life…

Mitra Raman

CEO/Founder @thebuttermilkco, formerly @SCSatCMU and @Amazon, and forever in love with @Beyonce

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